Local Government

Local Government

 Dale Berry - Mayor

 Whitney Barnes Baker - Mayor ProTempore/Alderman Ward 1

 Matthew Hickman - Alderman Ward 2

Lane Steele - Alderman Ward 3

Patrick Brown - Alderman Ward 4

Angel McPhail Brister - Alderman At Large


 Bruce Smith - City Attorney

Jon Styron - City Clerk

City Department Heads

Tim Bray - Public Works Superintendent  


Jimmy Zilla - Parks and Rec


Charlie Valadie - Fire Marshal/Emergency Management.   


Phillip Magee - Building official  


Allen Martin - Police Chief (acting)


Michael Andrews - Dog Catcher

Lane Steele - Volunteer Fire Chief

Airport Manager---Ashley Steele

Magee is governed by a progressive Mayor and Board of Alderman.

Below is a list of officials and department heads.

Be assured that the City of Magee stands ready to assist

your business relocation efforts and is paving the way for industrial growth.